MSC Foundation supporting the fight against COVID-19
May 22, 2020

In response to COVID-19 outbreak, and following last February’s aid to China, the MSC Foundation continues to offer emergency support around the world with the donation of 120,000 medical masks and over 46 tons of perishable goods to China, Italy, Switzerland, France, Portugal and Brazil.


In Italy, the MSC Foundation in coordination with MSC Cruises’ F&B division and the logistic teams in Genoa donated up to 40,800 Kg of perishable goods to NGOs, hospitals, and Italian Department of Civil Protection across different cities: Genoa, Livorno, Civitavecchia, and Rome. In addition, the MSC Foundation distributed 5,000 Easter chocolate eggs and doves to hospitals. One of the beneficiaries of this special delivery was the Gaslini Pediatric Hospital in Genoa. To increase children’s involvement, the hospital staff organized a creative competition among patients, asking them to send a drawing, poem, photo or video that captured their hospital experience during COVID-19 pandemic. The most creative entries were awarded with a kg of chocolate eggs provided by the MSC Foundation.

Furthermore, in March the ferry Splendid, owned by GNV, MSC Group‘s Italian ferry brand, was able to enter in service as a modern and equipped floating hospital anchored in the port of Genoa.

In Portugal, prompt action to assist the Regional Health Administration of Lisbon and Vale to Tejo allowed to supply 10,000 respiratory mask FFP2. This action was done in cooperation with MSC Portugal and in close collaboration with the Portuguese Government, strengthening the long-lasting relationship built over the years between the country and the MSC Group.

In Switzerland, in response to the lack of masks in both public and private medical facilities, the MSC Foundation delivered 10,000 high-quality masks for medical usage to Hirslanden Medclinic International Company who then dispatched the masks within the Geneva Emergency Network. With MSC Group’s headquarters being in Geneva, this action contributed to reinforce the MSC Group’s ties with the local community, in particular with the health bodies of this city.

In France, the MSC Foundation managed to send perishable goods to La Croix Rouge (2,900 Kg), La Banque Alimentaire (700 Kg), and the Bataillon des Marins Pompiers in Marseille, France (2,200 Kg). This local action also represents a call of solidarity to Marseille, one of our strategic ports and allows to further strengthen the relationship with both the government and the charitable institutions.

China and Brazil

China was the first country to be heavily hit by COVID-19. In response to this health emergency, the MSC Foundation in coordination with MSC China moved swiftly to support China’s intensive commitment to combating the COVID 19 outbreak, liaising directly with Minister of Transport Li Xiaopeng to donate 100,000 surgical masks back in February. Each of the boxes sent contained a message of solidarity and hope in Chinese: 同舟共济 共盼 春回 (Joining hands in expectation of China’s speedy recovery).

In Brazil, one of the most impacted countries by COVID-19 in South America, the MSC Foundation, in close coordination with MSC Brazil has sent 1,000 N95 protection masks to the Associação Hospitalar Casa de Saúde de Santos in response to the high demand of masks to guarantee the protection of their health personnel taking care of COVID-19 patients.

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