MSC Grandiosa will offer the most grandiose cruising experiences

The countdown has begun until the launch of MSC Cruises first Meraviglia-Plus ship, MSC Grandiosa, in Hamburg, Germany on November 9th, with TV star Michelle Hunziker hosting the glamorous event.

MSC Grandiosa will become MSC Cruises new flagship, and the largest ship in the fleet, offering the richest array of facilities and services to date. With 11 dining venues, 21 bars and lounges, world-class entertainment, an authentic Mediterranean-style promenade at the heart of the ship and much more, the ship really is the ideal ship for any guest. Some ship highlights include environmental technologies, MSC for Me and Zoe, outstanding dining options, two brand new Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows and the luxurious MSC Yacht Club.

But that’s not all, MSC Grandiosa features an unprecedented combination of art on a luxury cruise. What is normally admired in the art galleries of the world awaits you for the first time on board a ship in a two year exhibition called “Degas Danse Dessin” by the world-famous Parisian artist Edgar Degas. While celebrated as one of the greatest Impressionists, Degas is known for his very own style of painting and sculpture. One of the French master’s favourite themes was ballet, and in many of his works he captured intimate moments from the lives of female dancers. Personally picked by Aponte family, 26 original drawings await at L’Atelier Bistrot.

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