Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve: Restaurants and Bars

On Ocean Cay MSC’s aim is to minimize waste, preserving the island in its pristine state. Food and drinks will be served primarily on the ship, that will remain readily accessible and where most restaurants, buffet and bars will be operating regularly. However to provide guests more options, MSC has added a family buffet restaurant, bars and an ice cream parlour on the island.

Seakers Food Court

Included in your cruise ticket, Seakers Food Court offers freshly prepared meals from a variety of international culinary traditions, including American classics and authentic Bahamian flavours and a wide choice of dining options to please kids’ taste.

Lighthouse Bar

At this Hemingway-style bar and a terrace, located under the Lighthouse, guests can enjoy drinks, live music with DJs and a surprising visual experience that will further enhance the atmosphere.

Springer's Bar

Established by the famous Bahamian Springers family, located in the Marina, this authentic bahamian bar offers cocktails and drinks in a friendly athmosphere.

The Smiling Fish and Coffee Bar

Located on the marina, this venue offers hundreds of different kinds of ice cream, from classics to more innovative flavours with a Bahamian twist. There is also a coffee bar which offers freshly brewed whole bean and ground coffee, espresso and cappuccino.

That’s not all, there are 8 tiki bars spread across the island with a wide choice of beverage options, each with its own personality and its own special look and feel.

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Restaurants & Bars