Discover MSC Seashore new features

MSC Seashore will be an enriched version of the innovative and highly successful Seaside generation of MSC Cruises ships. The increased size of the ship, 16 metres, has allowed for some of the public spaces to be redesigned with the introduction of new public areas as well as optimizing the location of other areas of the ship. A new double-deck show lounge has been created below the aft pool, which is now on deck 8, whilst on deck 18 the indoor pool will be extended with an additional deck over and around the pool. The family offering has also been expanded with an even bigger kids’ area and the ultimate state-of-the-art waterpark.

A brand-new restaurant will be introduced for Aurea guests as well as an additional main restaurant. There will be a new location for the specialty restaurants on Deck 8 as the buffet now moves to deck 16. This new position for the specialty restaurants allows for waterfront seating on the iconic waterfront boardwalk bringing guests ever closer to the sea whilst they enjoy their lunch or dinner.

MSC Seashore will also feature new cabin designs such as cluster cabins for families and groups. The MSC Yacht Club will offer a new style of suite, featuring a walk-in wardrobe. In addition to this there will be two more luxury suites with whirlpool baths and 28 more of the terraced cabins with their own private area for sunbathing.

Bars & Restaurants

On board MSC Seashore there will be a wide choice of indoor and outdoor dining and bars, with 20 distinct speciality bars, a brand-new restaurant for Aurea guests as well as an additional main restaurant. Five themed restaurants awaits, a Steak House, a Fish restaurant, a Teppanyaki venue, a Sushi bar with “sushi train” and a Bistrot.


MSC Seashore offers endless fun for the whole family and redesigned amusement areas. Guests will enjoy a stunning new theatre for yet more compelling entertainment, an atmospheric, stylish comedy club and a brand new lounge under the redesigned aft pool.

Outdoor spaces

MSC Seashore offers a new area at deck 8. The iconic aft pool area is redisigned to give space to a new double-deck show lounge right below the pool while the the indoor pool area will feature an additional deck over and around. Larger sun exposition offers an enhanced sea experience.

MSC Seashore will be also fitted with the best and latest available environmental technology to reduce her environmental impact including: an exhaust gas cleaning system for cleaner emissions; an advanced wastewater treatment system; smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) to recover heat from machinery spaces; and LED lighting and smart devices to significantly save energy. In addition, she will be equipped with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) into harmless nitrogen (N2) and water. This is all part of MSC Cruises commitment to provide guests with the best holiday experiences at sea in a sustainable way.

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