Brand new MSC Foundation promotes solidarity concert in Genoa

Last year MSC Fans anticipated MSC’s intention of creating a foundation for the sea protection. Today the Group announced the first action of the brand new MSC Foundation with promoting a solidarity event in Genoa, Italy, the most important homeport of the cruise line, recently affected by the Ponte Morandi disaster.

The Ballata per Genova aims to celebrate the Ligurian capital’s internationally recognized beauty and charm as well as the city’s extraordinary ability to react the Ponte Morandi collapse thanks to its citizens pride and strength of mind. Hosting the concert event will be five Italian TV presenters and stars: Amadeus, Antonella Clerici, Luca and Paolo and Lorella Cuccarini (godmother of Doremiland kids areas on board latest MSC cruise ships). Providing the live music for the evening will be numerous italian singers like Laura Pausini, Biagio Antonacci, Gino Paoli, Arisa and many more. They’ll be accompanied by 20-elements Orchestra conducted by Maestro Diego Basso. During the evening – which will be attended by 12,000 people (free tickets are available for population and tourists) – a fundraiser will also be activated for an innovative project of urban redevelopment of the area affected by the collapse of the bridge,the Parco del Mare, supported by the MSC Foundation and numerous other partner companies that in a few days have already raised over 300,000 euros. The event will be held in Genoa’s Piazzale Kennedy on 14 June and will be broadcasted by Italian state television channel Rai 1.

Ballata per Genova and Parco del Mare project represent the first actions promoted by the newly established MSC Foundation“, explains General Secretary Daniela Picco.We are particularly pleased that they destined to Genoa, a city MSC Group carries in its heart, where it began to operate almost 50 years ago and that in the meantime has become for us the first port in the world for cruise traffic and one of the first European ports in the cargo sector. The Foundation operates globally, supporting projects dedicated to several areas’ growth, like the safeguarding of children and the protection of the environment and in particular the marine environment are of primary importance. Parco del Mare manages to combine these aspects optimally .”

The MSC Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation with the aim of protecting, transmitting and developing the values of the MSC Group through social responsibility initiatives. The Foundation plans and realizes actions to promote environment, especially marine, social and health care, research and education, art and culture, for the protection of the most vulnerable populations. It also helps to orient and integrate the commitment of the MSC Group into the constant development and sustainability of its business. MSC Foundation is animated by a profound sense of responsibility for the planet and its resources, with particular regard to the oceans, in the awareness each human being is in charge of leaving our future generation a better world than the one in which they are living right now.

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