MSC unveils 2020 summer season

MSC unveils the 2020 summer season, which will see the presence of 6 ships located in the eastern Mediterranean, 4 in the western Mediterranean, 4 in Northern Europe, 2 in the Caribbean area and one in Asia. Between the new entries, MSC Preziosa’s cruises from Southampton to the Mediterranean and the add of Chania port in Magnifica’s itinerary.

MSC Musica will again homeport in Venice offering 7-night cruises to Greece with ports of call in Brindisi (Italy), Katakolon (Greece), Santorini (Greece), Piraeus (Greece), Corfu (Greece) and Dubrovnik (Croatia). MSC Magnifica will offer 7-night cruises from Venice to Greece calling in Bari (Italy), Santorini (Greece), Chania (Crete), Corfù (Greece) and Dubrovnik (Croatia). MSC Orchestra‘s cruises will depart from Venice and Bari and will stop in Katakolon (Greece), Mykonos (Greece), Pireo (Greece), Sarande (Albania) and Dubrovnik (Croatia)

MSC Sinfonia will homeport in Venice calling in Split (Croatia), Santorini (Greece), Mykonos (Greece), Dubrovnik (Greece) and Ancona (Italy) from May to September and in Split (Croatia), Santorini (Greece), Sarande (Albania), Dubrovnik (Greece) and Ancona (Italy) in October and November. MSC Opera will offer weekly cruises from Venice to Greece with ports of call in Kotor (Montenegro), Mykonos (Greece), Santorini (Corfù), Cefalonia (Greece) and Bari (Italy).

On the western side of the Mediterranean, we will find MSC Seaview, MSC Fantasia, MSC Divina and MSC Grandiosa. MSC Grandiosa will homeport in Genoa offering 7-night cruises calling in Naples (Italy), Messina (Italy), Valletta (Malta), Barcelona (Spain) and Marseille (France). MSC Seaview will offer a more glamorous 7-night cruise departing from Genoa to La Spezia (Italy), Civitavecchia (Italy), Cannes (France), Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Barcelona (Spain) and Ajaccio (France).

MSC Divina will sail from Genoa on 7-night cruises with ports of call in Marseille (France), Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Ibiza (Spain), Ajaccio (France) and Livorno (Italy) including two overnights in Palma and Ibiza. MSC Fantasia will offer 7-night cruises from Genoa calling in Civitavecchia (Italy), Palermo (Italy), Cagliari (Italy), Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Valencia (Spain), Marseille (France).

MSC Lirica will introduce two new Italian ports in MSC’s Mediterranean portfolio: Trieste and Siracusa, Sicily. The first has recently seen the European presentation of MSC Seaside and will be the homeport together with Venice. The ship will also call in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Corfu and Kefalonia (Greece), Kotor (Montenegro) -Bar (Montenegro) in only one cruise- and Split (Croatia). Siracusa will be part of weekly cruises from Venice with stops in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Corfu and Kefalonia (Greece) and Valletta (Malta).

Let’s move to northern Europe where MSC Poesia will feature long cruises to the British Isles but also to the most remote European destination like Iceland and Greenland. MSC Meraviglia will offer the classic cruises to Nordic Capitals and fjords from Copenhagen (Denmark) and Kiel (Germany).

MSC Splendida will offer the classic 7-nights cruises to Nordic Capitals and fjords from Kiel (Germany). Eventually, MSC Preziosa will be dedicated to the UK market sailing from Southampton and will offer some sailings to North Cape and Svalbard as well as new itineraries to Iberic peninsula with a stop in Brest (France)

MSC Seaside and MSC Armonia will continue to offer sailings to the Caribbean from Miami (United States) and MSC Bellissima in the Asian area.

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