Interview: Cruise Director Francesco Tudisco

We meet the young Cruise Director that in a few years climbed the board hierarchy and now is the head of entertainment that animates the ship every day.

Regarding his work on board what roles held and what are his responsibilities?

My role as Cruise Director covers all the entertainment on board, from the individual activities of animation for adults and children to the organization of musical events both during day and evening, including the organization of the shows at the theater. Basically I am responsible for everything related to the entertainment of guests and, in this class of ship, operate with me about 80 people to provide an excellent product for our guests.

What led you to choose to work on board cruise ships?

My career started at 16 years old working in tourist structures both in Italy and in Europe. I always had a passion for entertainment having also starred in theater and performed as a singer. During these experiences I had the opportunity to know a person, then also became a dear friend, who was working on board these ships in the animation team. He described his work and I was fascinated so much that I decided at the age of 20 to do a job interview in MSC and passed “the exam” I started thrilled to take my career on board. Since 2008 I’m working for this company.

What do you love about your job?

On the basis that for me is not a job but a passion I love it on the true sense of the word, because I love to entertain and amuse, is something innate in me and that’s why I do not call work but a nice effort. I’m a sunny person, a person who likes talking to guests, fundamental characteristics that must possess in order to play this role on board.

What is your typical day?

My day starts in the office early in the morning with the scheduling of the day’s different activities . I have to handle everything that requires my attention, organize human resources from which comes out the animation production for adults and children, the organization of the shows, the music program and more. Practically everything that is done during the day at the entertainment level is organized by me and my team.

He got to work for other companies or chose only MSC and why this company?

I chose MSC, although in the past I was also contacted by other companies , because I am very well here.

On which ships of the fleet worked? What is your favorite?

I worked on all, from Melody to the last launched and I must say that my experience on Melody was beautiful. Small, familiar, with passengers that after very short time knew at 100% each other, in fact I believe that the ship small size encourages contact with guests. On largest ships is a bit more difficult because are more dispersive. I have one favorite and it is this, MSC Poesia, because five years ago I met the woman that later became my wife.

In your opinion, what are the qualities necessary and indispensable to cover his role?

Apart from the innate passion for entertainment and the necessary knowledge of languages, because we have to relate with international guests, are essential organizational skills, dynamism, flair and creativity, to give a customized impression to their work. In all the activities that I do on board, I add that extra touch that makes the difference, even on the way to entertain, personally I go beyond the standard, relate confidentially as I’m doing with you, so that the guest not only feel involved but also he feels at ease.

How much time is needed during the day to prepare the shows?

Generally they make programs for every season and weekly timetable, then as I said I organize the work for the current day and the following day, but during the week often I see and edit the lineup, because passengers change every 7 days and then needs vary accordingly, there are weeks in which on board there is a prevalence of young or middle age for example, so we have to adapt it to various requests. It’s a continuous evolution, also based on the nationality, the customs and traditions, so to establish an exact time needed to fulfill the entertainment organization is absolutely difficult.

What do you think of the new ships MSC Seaside and the future flagship MSC Meraviglia?

I would say a good challenge, I have seen the plans and are beautiful ships, already give the value of the cruise when it comes on board, in the sense that a passenger once you set foot in the Hall is pleased to 90% seeing the majesty of the same, it is a beautiful goal reached by MSC.

Can you tell us the weirdest thing a guest asked you?

The question they often ask me in all seasons and passengers of all nationalities is: ” the crew sleep on board after working?” And we ironically answer: “No, we go home and the next morning with the helicopter back on board and start working!” Whatever strange things will happen, but are fun and are also part of the entertainment, so bizarre and curious questions are welcome.

Why do you think people who love cruising should choose this company?

Because our company as well as the cruise itself, gives a more personal touch that makes the difference, groped to make him live a dream, considering that many of them maybe have booked it after saving for months and then with sacrifices. They want to live a unique experience and we have therefore a moral duty, the moral obligation, to give him something that remains indelible in their minds. For me it is a real life mission, not a job, I try to do my best to make people forget their daily life problems, making him an unforgettable experience. This is important and MSC offers this possibility dream pampering the guest from the beginning up to the end of the cruise trip. That’s why they have to choose MSC.