Reportage: the coin ceremony of MSC Seaview

Today MSC and Fincantieri marked a key milestone in the building of MSC Seaview with the celebration of the maritime tradition-rich coin ceremony, held at Fincantieri’s Monfalcone shipyard in Italy. MSC Seaview is the third next-generation mega cruise ship that will come into service under MSC Cruises’ ten-year investment plan through 2026 with the Meraviglia Class ships and the World.

Gianni Onorato, MSC Cruises Chief Executive Officer opened the ceremony day describing Seaview and her class: “MSC Seaview will bring guests and the sea closer to each other, with a pioneering beach condo concept and other unique design and product elements that allow to make the most of the warmer weather.”

Onorato enumerates Seaview’s main features and innovations, like  the highest ratios of outdoor spaces at sea, thanks to which guests will also enjoy an increased number of balcony cabins, sea views and outdoor public areas, with every element carefully planned to allow to make the most of the sea and the sunshine. Every element of the ship is designed to enable guests to enjoy the outdoors in every aspect of their life on board, from cabins and suites with outdoor spaces, eating and drinking al fresco through to outdoor fitness facilities and luxury cabanas for spa treatments in the fresh air.”


After the speech we are now ready for the coin ceremony. It takes place when a ship’s keel is laid, at the early stages of its construction. Tradition dictates that two long-standing employees representing the shipyard and the ship owner act as godmothers for the ceremony, placing two coins under the new ship’s keel block as a sign of blessing and good fortune. Today Michela Bullo, from Fincantieri and Loredana Giammusso, from MSC Cruises had the honour of performing this task.

Once the coins have been welded in the keel block, Pierfrancesco Vago, MSC Cruises’ Executive Chairman commented: “MSC Seaview is one of the four MSC Cruises’ ships currently under construction, as part of an industry-unprecedented ten-year, €9 billion investment plan that underpins the next phase of our global growth as the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line. She will also be a reflection of our unique and ongoing commitment to each time bringing to market the most innovatively conceived cruise ships, as the Seaside generation of MSC Cruises ships – of which MSC Seaview is part – introduces yet another game-changing prototype.”

Then, Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri, said: “We always celebrate every stage of progress of this project with satisfaction. The MSC Seaview order, as the one for its sister ship MSC Seaside, which was floated out in November 2016, is one of those which has allowed the crucial relaunch of the cruise market. Our group has shown to fully match this important opportunity, which has helped to make FINCANTIERI the acknowledged leader in this industry, both in terms of volume and product diversification.” Bono concluded: “We are confident that this success bodes well for our partnership with our MSC friends”.

After the speeches is the turn of shipyard’s chaplain, Don Lorenzo Boscarol, who blesses the block as is tradition. After this, Vago and Bono give the signal to the crane and the block begins to move in order to reach its designated spot in the construction dock, first of many others.